Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lima here we come!

FAB7 starts on Monday August 15 in Lima, Peru.  FAB7 is the global gathering of Fabbers from around the world.

The draft agenda is here.

Fab Lab Tulsa will be well represented with four of our directors in attendance.  We'll attend workshops ranging from organizing a lab to the distributed development of UAVs.  I'm looking forward to discussions on machines-that-make-machines, as well electronics design and assembly.  There are sessions called Fab Foo, but don't ask me what those are about now.  I'll let you know after the first one!

I hope to meet lots of new Fab Lab colleagues and learn about how other labs operate.  Fab Lab Tulsa, being a relatively new lab, has a lot to learn.

Besides, FAB7 we're going to see the sites in Lima, some ruins, museums and a culinary tour.

Stay tuned...I'll post pictures as I get them.

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