Saturday, August 20, 2011

FAB 7: day 5 (final)

Today is Friday, the last day of fab7. It was mainly a wrap-up day meant to summarize our accomplishments and set action items for our continuing work, for the conference is ending but our mission is not.

There are a few major points to make...first, fab global is getting more organized by assessing the charter and creating a curated list of official fab labs. This is good and long overdue. Second, lab equipment and inventory is being assessed and reorganized by cost. There is a vision for super labs with $10M scale equipment serving as nodes in the fab lab network. Third, the fab academy is being reviewed and tweaked. Fourth, we are beginning to examine an economic model for personal and distributed fabrication.

I am part of the team for the economic model. Our first goals are to examine rating systems for labs which are manufacturing goods, then to understand the terms and conditions of a purchase made from a fab lab, then finally examine an interface for connecting designers, fab labs, and consumers. It will be fun.

Finally...FAB8 next year is set for Wellington, New Zealand, whilst FAB9 is set for Japan. See everyone there!

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