Monday, August 15, 2011

FAB 7: day 0 and 1


Sunday opens Fab7 with an official reception given by the Mayor of Lima. Lima is a city of about 8 million people. To put things in perspective, one of its burroughs, Mira Flores itself has about 300,000 people; so to get an official greeting from the mayor is a great honor.

The reception included dignitaries from Fab Lab Barcelona, the city of Lima and the National Engineering University. Following were performances from the national youth orchestra, and several traditional dancers. I don't have pics yet. Buenos noches!


Trying to blog on the nook color live from fab7.

Just finished the AM session and was blown away by Neil's talk and the lab presentations. Maybe 10 labs gave short talks about their labs...very impressive, good work by all labs on topics ranging from education to make your own modelas. Neil talked on digital matter and intelligent structures.

Just had a wonderful lunch of authentic peruvian fare...rice, potatoes, pork and beef. Now we are off to the afternoon sessions!

Buenos diez!

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