Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Building a head of steam!

This will be a quick post but I wanted to make note of a couple of important developments recently with Fab Lab Tulsa.

First, our membership numbers are growing at a fantastic pace.  Through 4 months (Sept-Dec) in 2011 we added 72 members.  Through the first 6 weeks of 2012 we've already added 55 members...we are on pace to have 124 members in 4 months!  Plus we've added another corporate member, US Highland.  We are very excited about these developments, and are SO grateful to our supporters.

Second, I got a great note today from a follower of this blog, Ms. Cole, about some fanstastic TED talks...20 essential TED talks for future leaders.  I have seen a few of these talks myself and they are highly recommended.  I am thrilled to have this feedback and look forward to hearing from more of our readers.

Third, I want to introduce our first Executive Director, Nathan Pritchett.  He comes to us from the for-profit world with many many great ideas, and enthusiasm for Fab Lab Tulsa.  If you haven't met him yet, I encourage you to drop by the lab and welcome him.

I hope to have more good news in the days to come.


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