Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fab Lab Texas??

I just can't believe how appealing the Fab Lab concept is to so many people.  Why would I say that because it was so appealing to me and I've practically rearranged my life to make Fab Lab Tulsa reality.

So on Friday we had another visitor from Texas about setting up a Fab Lab...this one all the way from Amarillo!  If you don't know, that's a 6 hour drive from Tulsa!  Did I mention its a truly boring drive?  If you've never been then take my word for it...I've driven the Tulsa-Amarillo route several times along I-40 (mainly for ski trips) and it's horrendously boring.

Our first Texas visitor was from the Dallas area.  He and his friend came up for the night to see Sherry Lassiter speak.  That was 8 hours of driving, 4 hours each way.

In any case, people love Fab Lab and we're always glad to have visitors, especially if we can help them get started.

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