Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Some Post Halloween thoughts

We've got a DONATE button now!  We're still in fundraising mode.  Your tax deductible contributions are welcome.

If I didn't say it before, October was a super busy month at Fab Lab Tulsa.  It was a great month but busy.  October was our first full month for operations, and there are some good things to report:
  • We have over $8000 in pledges from the general public to support the lab.  These are in the form of Jumpstart class registrations.  If you have registered, please pay and attend the class because we need the money =)  And thank you for your support!
  • Start-up Weekend was a huge success.  Many thanks to Scott Philips, our entrpreneurship expert and Tulsa focal for Start-up Weekend.  He brought the concept to Tulsa and really gives it great attention.
  • Start-up Weekend experienced several great ideas but I wanted to brag about two in particular...first, a team developed a super portable ear clip mounted pulse-oxygen monitor.  You've seen these in hospitals clipped onto a patient's finger tip.  This one is more mobile and could be integrated into a bluetooth device and smart phone app.  Second, another team developed an adapter for the Apple Magic Mouse...look for this one on Kickstarter I'm told.
  • Our biggest supporter, Michelle Hardesty, hosted a Funder's Roundtable for us at the lab on October 27.  It was a great success and we are so lucky to have such an enthusiastic fan.  Many thanks to Michelle for her dedication.
  • Phase II of the San Miguel Middle School educational program is underway.  These kids and teachers are great; and many thanks to our dedicated education committee including Diama Norris.  The really great news is that our curriculum is the first of it's kind in a Fab Lab.  We're breaking new ground with this innovative approach to education.
  • Lt. Governor Todd Lamb visited the lab on October 13.  He was very excited, interested and asked great questions.  We made Fab Lab name tags for him and Governor Mary Fallin.  I'm so proud of our little lab...we're making a splash statewide!
  • We're finalizing the membership program right now.  Stay tuned!
  • The MIT Fab Director, Sherry Lassiter, visited us on Oct 20 for an evening speaking event.  It was great.  We had a nice crowd, about 35, which is excellent considering the short notice.  My favorite part of that night was that we met a couple from Dallas who drove all the way up to hear Sherry speak and to see the lab.  I'm humbled and excited at the same time to see such enthusiasm.
  • Sherry gave us some amazing compliments.  The jist was that Fab Lab Tulsa is the model she'll use when she talks about new Fab Labs.  She was impressed with the facility and our team.  Good work everyone!
I'm sure I've forgotten something.  Oh, yes...we now have a part time lab technician who's a real asset.  We will probably hire another part-timer early next year.  On the hiring front too...we are looking for an Executive Director.  Keep posted for details on that job search.  Hiring an E.D. will make our Board's job so much easier and mean better programming and services from the lab.

That's all for now!

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