Thursday, July 14, 2011

3D Printer installed!

Our Objet Eden 333 3D printer has been installed.  We had some snafus with a busted print head, and the system only works with Windows XP 32-bit, but it's nearly ready for use.

Start dreaming Tulsa...then design your ideas and come print them at Fab Lab Tulsa!

While all of our other computers and equipment can be used freely, our 3D printer will require some additional cost considerations.  Resin is expensive, and its not geared for mass production.  We don't know what it'll cost yet but we're working out an arrangement for users.

Maybe users can print something small for free, while larger designs will be priced at cost (plus a nominal handling fee)?  We're not sure yet, but feel free to offer your comments.  We'll figure it out.


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